About Us

Absolute Marine is a company with an absolute commitment to helping world class brands establish a successful, and rewarding presence in the New Zealand marine marketplace.

We are a marine wholesale distributor that has, since 1989, developed a reputation for being discerning, decisive and determined to supply our clients, through our suppliers, with the highest quality products and services.

Underpinning this are the company’s strengths in marketing, brand management and connecting with the right customers in the right places.

We have a philosophy of looking after the needs of all our customers – big and small – and keeping the ‘waters’ calm for all involved. 

As well as being in the marine business, everyone who works at Absolute Marine has more than just a passing interest in recreational boating. That is one of the reasons behind our growth and success.

Our research team search the world for products that boaties use everyday. Products that offer exceptional value for money. These products carry our house brand “Absolute Marine” and are backed with our exclusive one year money back guarantee. 

Why Marine ?
Products are always in stock
Products that work
Strong dealer network
We ship same day
We have the expertise
We do as we say