McMurdo A5 Smartfind
McMurdo A5 Smartfind

McMurdo A5 Smartfind EPIRB



    McMurdo A5 Smartfind EPIRB- 406MHz Search and Resue EPIRB

    Meeting the demands of both commercial mariners and recreational boaters, the new McMurdo SMARTFIND A5 is next generation EPIRB technology and comes complete with a Carry Safe Manual Bracket. A5 SMARTFIND is a 406 MHz EPIRB designed to operate with international search and rescue systems. Once removed from its Carry Safe Manual Bracket the unit can be activated manually by following the activation instructions printed on the unit.

    Manully activated
    Fast Response time
    High visibility Strobe Light
    Transmition time 48 Hours
    Homing Signal
    Battery life 7 years

    Manual-only, the McMurdo A5 Smartfind EPIRB with rugged construction and boasts a super-long battery life of seven years.

    Like all 406 beacons the SMARTFIND operates on the global COSPAS SARSAT 406MHz search and rescue satellite communication system, which is supported by international government search and rescue authorities around the world, so a call for help will be acted upon and fast. SMARTFIND is subscription free.


    An EPIRB is intended to be a one-shot device, once activated it will transmit emergency alerts for at least 48 hours. The EPIRB will work best while floating in water, but can also be operated while on board a vessel, in a liferaft or on land (when placed on the ground). 

    The EPIRB has a built-in self test capability that will confirm when the battery is healthy, both distress transmitters are functional and that the strobe light is operational. It is recommend to self test the EPIRB monthly, more frequent self testing can put unnecessary drain on the battery. When self testing, a specially coded test transmission is sent that will not alert the authorities. A self test can be made while the EPIRB is still in the CARRYSAFE bracket. The self test should be carried out during the first 5 minutes of the hour so as to minimise any disturbance of the emergency channels. 

    Antenna Strobe light
    Red LED
    Activation switch
    Test button Lanyard
    Flexible whip, should be near vertical when operating.
    Flashing signal light, visible through the clear lens dome when the EPIRB is switched on.
    Indicates the current operating status, visible through the clear lens dome.
    Protected by a tear off anti-tamper tab. Break the tab upwards, push the switch in and move it fully left to activate the EPIRB.
    Self test verifies the readiness of the EPIRB.
    Pull the lanyard spool down to free it. Use the cord to tether the EPIRB to a PFD or survival craft. 





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